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Roof restoration Canberra

Roof Restoration experts, call for a free quote for Roof sealing and Roof membrane spraying, high pressure roof cleaning, pointing and bedding, new colour bond fascia and gutters, gutter and fascia painting. Roof water leak repairs, colourbond roof painting and tile roof painting.

Duren Group roof restoration restore roof to new in Canberra area. our team only use quality roof membranes and specialised coatings for long lasting, designed to fight Australia's hard climate so you get the most out of any work carried out on your project. For a reliable, affordable and friendly service you cannot go anywhere else!

At the Duren group, we have a team of trustworthy and professional tradesmen with the expertise to help you, we understand your needs and that our professionalism and honesty matter to you every job is given our attention to detail no matter how large or small, as we value our clients as we value our reputation.

tile roof restoration.
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New roof look 

Van Duren group will restore your roof to new which will add value to your house and protect your investment.

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Quality guaranteed

Van Duren group will use the highest quality paints to restore your roof to last Australia's tough climate.

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Roof inspection

Van Duren group will give you a free roof inspection to catch any issues your roof may have before they may occur.

High-Pressure Cleaning needs to remove all moss, mould, oil, tree sap, etc. from all surfaces, We use more then 5,000 psi of water-pressure and have trained staff in pressure washing who aware of how to carefully and thoroughly clean all surfaces. Cleaning the roof surfaces is the number one place everyone goes wrong and the reason roofs do not last so Once again if the job is worth doing it is worth doing right! 

roof cleaning
Roof cleaning Canberra
Cement Tile Roof Restoration Process:
  • Replace all cracked and broken tiles. 

  • Pressure clean the entire roof using a water blaster that produces 5,000 psi of pressure, this will remove all mould and lichen, remove all dirt, and strip much of the existing surface.

  • Remove ridge caps and re-bed if required. we’ll re-bed the caps. This involves removing them, laying a new concrete bed, and re-laying all the caps.

  • Re-point all ridge caps with a polymer based flexible pointing mortar. This is trowelled on, it will not crack with the normal movement of your home (expansion and contraction from heat and cold)

  • Apply a primer coat to the entire roof. This seals the roof, and surface of the tile, giving maximum adhesion. This coat is sprayed on with an airless paint machine.

  • Apply 2 or more acrylic membrane coats in the colour of your choice. The acrylic membrane coats are very thick paint and form a protective membrane for your roof. Coming in your choice of over 48 colours, this will greatly improve the appearance of your entire home.

Metal Roof Restoration process:
  • Treat any light rust by grinding it back and applying a potent rust converter.

  • Replace any sheets where rust is beyond treating.

  • Replace any loose or rusty nails or screws.

  • Pressure clean your roof.

  • Apply a metal etch primer coat.

  • Apply 2 or more acrylic membrane coats in the colour of your choice.

Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration Process:
  • Replace broken tiles.

  • Apply a strong mould killer to the entire roof.

  • Pressure clean the entire roof.

  • Remove ridge caps and re-bed if required.

  • Re-point all ridge caps with a polymer based flexible pointing mortar.

roof restoration Canberra

Roof Restoration details

  • 22 standard colours to pick from

  • Mould killer prewash

  • Your roof is cleaned of all debris with high pressure water cleaning

  • Any broken tiles are replaced

  • Re-bedding with sand and cement if required

  • A shield coat of Flexipoint is applied

  • Roof is sealed with deep penetrating primer

  • High quality Paint Membrane added

  • Cleaning of site rubbish.

  • All types of roofs

  • Terracotta tiles

  • Colour-bond steel roof iron

  • New Downpipes, gutters and fascias

  • Gutter clean, repairs and painting

  • Valley repairs

  • Roof penetration repairs

rockcote roof membrane

ROCKCOTE Solar Protect is a durable, flexible acrylic roof membrane that is specifically designed to provide superior long-term exterior protection for your home. Rockcote Solar Protect provides a low maintenance solution for your roof that is weather resistant, protecting your home against the harshest of Australian conditions.

Using Solar Protect on your roof provides a tough, durable coating that is resistant sun and rain and as well as dirt, mould, mildew and fungi. It is also suitable for use on homes that wish to collect drinking water.

Solar Protect is designed for use over a suitable primer on all roofing substrates including tile roofs such as cement tiles and terracotta tiles, as well as for fibre cement roofs. Rockcote has excellent adhesion and flow, and is quick drying.

Rockcote Solar Protect is available in a broad range of colours, including all of the popular roof colours. It is available in a Gloss finish that increases the dirt resistance of the acrylic roof membrane, or a Satin finish, which reduces the appearance of minor imperfections on your roofing substrate

roof restoration Canberra

Duren group roof restoration

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Free roof inspection.

Call or email today to discuss your needs.

12 year warranty
  Roof restoration Warranty
  • Rockcote and Dulux products

  • High quality primers to key the membrane

  • High quality paints product for Australia's hard climate

  • 12 Year workmanship warranty

  • 12 paint warranty




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