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Leaky Gutters 

our team can carry out repairs to all your leaks to protecting your investment. Water damage to your property if neglected can be very costly. Ask our team for a free inspection and quote. to help you maintain your roof and gutters, and avoid any future problems. 


Gutter Inspection

We will carry out a full free inspection to your gutters, if a problem is found, we will supply a report with photos with details on any issue and what we recommend in repairs that are needed to rectify your gutter problems.

Gutter Mesh

At Van Duren group we can install gutter Mesh on the gutters to help keep your gutters clean of falling debris. The result is no blockage in your down pipes. which can save you in the long run.

Gutter mesh

New Gutter and fascia Covers

If the inspection shows that the Gutters are rusted out, our team can replace your gutters, water can be damaging to the fascia and eaves because it will causing the timber to rot away, this is especially common on the corners of a house leaving large holes in the fascia boards and or eaves due to the water damage.

gutters painting

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new gutters and fascia covers

Painting Gutters

Take the stress out of looking at old gutters, we can paint them to look new, which will protect your gutters from the sun and make them last for many more years.

new gutters and fasica
Dirty gutters

Cleaning Gutters

Our team can clean out your gutters preventing rusting and blockages if left can lead to large future expenses. Plus leaf litter is fuel and left in the gutters could lead to a fire risk to your property. 

We provide House Painting in the following Canberra areas:

ACT Canberra | South Canberra, ACT | North Canberra, ACT | Tuggeranong, ACT | Woden Valley, ACT | Western Creek, ACT | Molonglo Valley, ACT | Googong and surrounds, NSW | | Red hill, ACT | Barton ACT |  Kingston ACT | Fyshwick ACT| Braddon ACT | Sutton and surrounds | Queanbeyan NSW.

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